Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program is based on a dual perspective: on one hand, teaching of business fundamentals and strategic actions and, on the other hand, concretization of international mobility within both European and Japanese, Chinese contexts.

Eurasiam’s program is enhanced by a program based on three principle axes:

1st Principle Axis: Leading Strategic Action

Integration of concepts and analytical reasoning leads our students to identify business opportunities, to optimize interactions between organizations and to see companies as proactive entities.

2nd Principle Axis: Fulfillment in one’s professional life

Internationalization of the business world is not only the result of competitive market expansion. It is also an innovative process which defines new organizational, strategic and educational forms. Being a central player in European-Japanese, European-Chinese relations does not only include the ability to be a good foreign manager, but presupposes lively professional networking.

3rd Principle Axis: Management of Intercultural Teams

Management of intercultural groups is often seen as a handicap. However, it can represent a means of detecting highly developed management skills and singularities. Far from being a barrier, we want our students to embrace cultural interaction as a competitive benefit for companies.