Academic Excellence

Eurasiam is a center of innovative education. Initiative, exchange and synergy can be realized only from a humanistic and prospective educational project. Our program is focused on five points:

Experience sharing

For personal development and active professional mobility in a multicultural environment, our program insures a synthesis between practical and conceptual approaches.

In addition to theoretical and methodological teaching by professors specializing in Japan, professors of French and Japanese arts, manga specialists and a wide range of experts bring their practical experience and know-how to our student.

This combination between strategic and operational experiences also materialized through activities lead by our students themselves. Thanks to internships, strategic audits and project management, students are faced with a compromise between creativity and commercial requirements.


Rather than a multiplication of classes and lectures, it is essential for us to provide individual support and to allow for courses to take place in small groups. Nearly two thirds of the program’s courses take place in a seminar format involving no more than twenty students. Although, the average class size at Eurasiam is twelve students. Our low teacher to student ratio results in an interactive and individualized program offering.

We favor qualitative to extensive education. Thus, students can more easily comprehend ideas and concepts in order to develop their synthetic minds and intellectual breadth.


Eurasiam is dedicated to exchanges, contacts and expressions. Communications training comprises acquisition of artistic techniques and expression.

In order to train international artists, Eurasiam is the sole institution of higher education to invest greatly in language learning. Still with a restricted number of students, 1000 hours of Japanese and English classes are provided during the five years of study. Thus, students can master lexical nuances suitable for intercultural relations.

Autonomy and Project Management

Emphasis is placed on self-teaching. Students are put in real-life situations through surveys, case studies and team project management. In order to obtain a degree, one must learn how to conceptualize, to plan, to lead, and to manage a project (creation of manga, event planning and organization,...)

These educational techniques permit students who will be faced with the complexities of project management, to be able to work in a team and to be operational within Japanese or European cultural organizations.

Creativity and Conviviality

Because of our specific class organization, Eurasiam is a space of creativity, exchange and conviviality which allows for active teaching, creative reflexion and intellectual autonomy of each student. Whether through team tasks or seminars with professors, Eurasiam is a zone of exchange.