Graduate Program

Eurasiam’s graduate program aims at structuring decision making tools and insuring managers’ abilities to lead a project on the international market.

Eurasiam’s program is enhanced by a program based on three principle axes :

1st Principle Axis: Leadership and team management

Knowing how to direct a team is not a personal talent, but a result of understanding of human resources as a strategic function and patient analysis of skills and knowledge.

2nd Principle Axis: Federating international processes

The purpose of an international business manager is to conceive of a strategy which allows for joint development of all units. This must be done with a high degree of flexibility, innovation and adaptation to local needs.

3rd Principle Axis: Business Management between Europe and Asia

A manager must be able to assimilate various company processes in order to organize and utilize resources. Eurasiam’s program not only provides knowledge of different business areas, but also trains future managers in co-ordination of services and processes.