Because of it specificity and pedagogical requirements, Eurasiam is particularly attentive to candidate selection. As an institution of educational excellence that focuses on teaching in small groups, Eurasiam accepts only a restricted number of students (around twenty per level).

In accordance with the degrees that each candidate may have, candidates may apply to the entrance exam for the first, second, third or fourth educational year:

  • immediately following the Baccalaureator foreign equivalent for first year.
  • following a pre-university course or a first year artistic diploma for second year.
  • after obtaining a BTS, CEAP, DNAT, DNAP or and equivalent second year artistic diploma for second year of Graduate.
  • after a degree course in an Art school or an artistic masters program for fourth year. Certain students with a DNAT or DNAP, depending on their specific case, can also register directly in fourth year.

Graduate Program Year 2  
Year 1
DSAA, CESAP, DNSEP, licence/master...
Undergraduate Program Year 4
Year 3
2nd year diploma, BTS, CEAP, DNAT, DNAP,...
Year 2
1st year diploma, MANAA, ...
Year 1  

Depending on the student’s course of study before Eurasian, the school allows for refresher courses, particularly in languages. Thus, the students who have gaps in Japanese or English can acquire new knowledge in both languages.

A unique education body, Eurasiam is also open to activities lead by other institutions. In certain cases, Eurasiam accepts a few applications from students who are already following a course in another school, university or trade school. In such cases, the school’s administration can excuse these students from the classes they are currently following or have already completed. Nonetheless, candidates should mention this detail while registering.