To join Eurasiam is to make a choice to perceive of cultural difference not as a handicap, but rather as a valuable advantage which leads to creativity, reactivity and innovation.

Three terms best characterize Eurasiam’s unique programs:


In addition to general education, we privilege the creation of a center of exchanges which provides precise knowledge and appropriate competences for exchanges between Europe, China and Japan.

This specificity allows up to respond to commercial and cultural developments between the two countries and, notably, to modifications of human resource management in companies in both countries. It is no longer relevant to manage expatriation, but rather to manage multi-national teams, especially in the case of joint-ventures.

It is equally no longer relevant to develop implantations in order to affirm an international status, but rather to develop strategies lead collectively from several centers, requiring a vast knowledge of commercial rules and practices of partnered firms.

In the same vein, it is no longer possible to perceive of Asian culture as a foreign entity; whether is be in gastronomy, apparel, furnishings, cinema, or design, Asian culture lives within us in today's world.


This specificity goes hand in hand with Eurasiam’s international character, both by recruitment of students and pedagogical projects.

A number of programs highlight ’international’ courses, even though they only provide general courses in commercial law and global economy.

Assuming the responsibility of offering an international program is to impart the internal juridical and economic practices of the countries we study. The international entity is a generic entity; it is also learning particularities and modes of coordination between practices and heterogeneous, and sometimes contradictory, regulations.

Rigor and Pedagogical Demands

While many intensive courses multiply the number of course hours and students, we have made the choice to provide a qualitative education.

More than have of our classes take place in group settings with less than ten students. While in place of multiplying course hours, we favor individualized learning, supported by use of new pedagogic technologies.

Our pedagogic program includes projects and week-long research assignments, thus allowing students to learn by hands-on experience, leading them to exploit their knowledge, to develop their analytical mind and to create a synthesis based on concrete experience.

Two Programs of Excellence

In order to better respond to professional demands and perspectives, Eurasiam is composed of two pedagogic entities:

A degree program in Japanese ou Chiniese Management, which specifically trains executives and business managers, with teaching in business management and administration. To know more...

A degree program in Japanese Art and Communication, which trains creators (mangaka, illustrators, publicists...) and managers in the cultural sector (editors, press agents, events planners...) capable of leading innovative projects in relation to Japan. To know more...