Eurasiam is a unique and pioneering program in Europe. For the first time, a higher education program is entirely dedicated to both commercial and cultural aspects of Japan or China.

Divided into two groups, one specifically concerning business management and the other cultural aspects and visual communication, Eurasiam offers the only degree programs which allow you to acquire the competences necessary to take part in the economic and artistic sectors in Japan and China: multinational business management, joint-venture management, international commerce, import-export, consultancy, managaka, executives in cultural organizations and publishing, publicists, designers, illustrators...

Our program is the result of a two sided observation: on one hand, the lack of ample education concerning Japan-China and, on the other hand, the growing needs of companies which require specific competences both in knowledge of Asia and in management of intercultural teams.

University reforms have effectively eliminated the majority of specialized diplomas in Asia. The majority of university programs that center on Asia are often nothing more than language courses, embellished with a few cultural notions. These programs are ineffective in preparing future business managers or creators specializing in Japan or China..

In addition, numerous subject areas are currently ignored in typical university programs such as law, accounting, marketing or modern Japanese art. Design, communication, and manga Ð although having been recognized as constituting an important international economic market Ð are not taught in any university or art school.

The lack of training in these areas is even more striking when we observe that relations between Europe, China and Japan are multiplying. Today, for instance many Japanese companies prefer to invest in France. And, France is the second largest foreign investor in the Land of the Rising Sun. However, many companies lament to absence of qualified personnel, executives who acquire competences specific to the Japanese market, and creators capable of establishing cultural exchanges. So do they for China.

For these reasons, Eurasiam is, today, the only institution which trains executives, directors, artists and cultural sector managers to develop and nurture European-Japanese-Chinese relations, to respond to new demands in business management, and to participate in the very active economic and cultural networks.

Lead by principle specialists in Japan (university professors, consultants, business executives), Eurasiam represents a program of excellence in which two thirds of our teaching has less than ten students per class.

Our goal is for you to share your ambition to take part in an exceptional training program which will allow you to take professional action while pursuing your passion.