Terms and Fees

While degrees, previous courses and recommendation from school or university professors can work in candidate’s favor during the selection, students can prevail by other means. Eurasiam focuses on candidates’ personalities and team work abilities.

Three criteria lead us in our choice :

  • Motivation : candidates must prove a strong willingness to participate in an original and specific program. They will also have to show their ability to take rigorous and demanding classes which require a high level of personal involvement.
  • Open mindedness : Eurasiam trains managers who want to work in an international market and more specifically within the framework of intercultural exchanges. Thus, we ask that our students be especially careful regarding differences and respectful of cultural singularities.
  • Synthesis and reasoning : Eurasiam is an institution of higher education whose goal it is to train innovative business managers as well as intercultural team managers. To do so, Eurasiam selects candidates capable of linking artistic and managerial contents of provided teaching.

Recruiting Terms

In order to insure a precise and fair selection, admission to Eurasiam is based on a four step process :

  • 1st step : le Application
    We define each candidate’s profile. A joint board of four people, art professors and professionals, examines each application separately. Eligible candidates are notified of examinations by mail.
  • 2nd step : Written Examination
    Eligible candidates take a written examination on history, law, economy, management and social services during which they will display their abilities to conceptualize and complete an assignment in a given period of time.
  • 3rd step : General Knowledge Here, we judge a candidate’s ability to gather knowledge in order to relevantly discuss a current topic.
  • 4th Step : Interview
    A personal interview that will deal mainly with candidate’s general knowledge, analysis skills and motivation.

Application and Fees

Application fees are 56 &euro (29 &euro for grant recipients)

For the academic year 2011-2012, tuition fees are fixed at 3650 &euro a year for the undergraduate program and 3650 &euro for the graduate program. .