Educational Goals

Creativity is not only the result of imagination and talent. It is also an active and systematic process of exchanges and experimentations. Training to create manga and Japanese art presupposes a comprehension of innovative artistic techniques, communications tools and personal experiences.

To help our students reach this objective, Eurasiam follows three main educational principles:

Creating Contexts

Creative activity and cultural project management must be understood in their socio-cultural contexts. Moreover, they must be based on a solid understanding of communications and sources of exchange.

More than just teaching artistic techniques, we want to train our students to understand cultural variations and to question their world in order for these things to become innovative artistic resources.

Creativity and Mobility

Geographic, intellectual and functional mobility allows our students to stand as promoters of innovation and change. We want them to have access to new cultural resources and knowledge to build cultural synergies.

Intercultural Creativity

It is essential to control cultural, technological and, above all, human parameters in order the guarantee one’s credibility in the Japanese and European manga markets. This control allows for joint valorization of intercultural teams.

Through cultural immersion and exchange politics, future artistic directors will be able to put personal and organizational potentials in perspective according to economic, financial, juridical, and human contexts.