Graduate Program

Eurasiam’s graduate program aims at structuring creative skills and training artistic directors capable of basing their actions on multicultural environments and managing international projects.

Our program focuses on three main areas:

1st Principle axis: Communicating on the international market

An events manager, a publicist, a creator of manga or a designer’s work is no longer intended to be exposed on a national level. Today, he is obligated to develop concepts which transcend cultural differences as well as respect local specificities and flavor. Designers must work meticulously on cultural singularities with the intention of building new communications and exchange networks.

2nd Principle axis: Leadership and team management

Team management is not an innate skill, but the result of a fine understanding of human resources as a strategic function. This understanding comes from patient analysis of different skills and know-how.

3rd Principle axis: Federating international processes

The job of an intercultural manager is to conceive projects that develop joint skills and specificities. At the same time, these projects must be highly flexible, innovative and adapt to a local framework.